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From "Sam Ruby" <>
Subject RE: Donating Dispatcher/Adapter processing extension and SOAP server to the Cocoon project (Part 1)
Date Tue, 22 Jan 2002 21:34:55 GMT
Kinga Dziembowski wrote:
> 3. [OFF-TOPIC] Any reasons for not considering Axis for
>> implementing HP-SOAP?
> 1. Timing reason - we needed an implementation and Axis was not in
> stage.
> The side effect of our development is that we realized how extensible a
> publishing framework can be with few new concepts - you can build very
> powerful solution with minimal effort - the framework is doing the job
> you!!!!! You can view Cocoon as a pipeline controller and implement much
> more then publishing. We did enjoyed this experience.
> 3. We are investigating Axis.

Valid answer.

I am quite confident, however, that there is likely to be vast areas where
we can work together and reuse components - for example in serialization
and deserialization of SOAP section 5 encoded data.  Microsoft's
predilection for sending document literal requests and relying on XML
Schema also presents some unique challenges.

Given this, let me follow up with two questions:

1) Are you aware of the soap interoperability work that is going on on the
soapbuilders mailing list?   Could the soap stack that you area
contemplating contributing be the one at  For more information, go to .

2) Is working together to converge the common implementation pieces of Axis
and your soap server something that you would be interested in?

- Sam Ruby

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