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From "Gerhard Froehlich" <>
Subject Re: [picky-mode] scratchpad 2.0
Date Thu, 17 Jan 2002 12:13:51 GMT


>Stefano Mazzocchi <>
>Ok guys,
>I'm turned my picky-mode on and I'm going to be a pain in your ass for a
>while :)

Ahh sh**t he's back :)

>I'm sure all of you will be delighted to hear this :)
>Anyway, wondering around our nice and great CVS module (looks *much*
>better now, big thanks to Giacomo and Carsten for their wonderful work!)
>I found the 'scratchpad' area a nice concept, but, resonating with
>Gianugo, it is very likely to become the 'place for forgotten code'.


>well, 'forgotten' is not the right word: let's say
>'individually-developped', which is better, but not that much.
>My personal impression looking into scratchpad is that I see lots of
>potentials, but I hardly see a way to try them out. Even less, a way to

Because a cool build.xml is missing, where you can build and integrate
the scratchpad easily.
It's a PITA when you have to modify the cocoon.xconf and cocoon.roles by
hand each time when you build the scratchpad. I got really angry two days
ago when I integrated my JispFilesystem Store + extra config files into
the scratchpad, because it is so circumstantial.

What I did, I added a include.scratchpad.lib switch into the build.xml
file to include at least the scratchpad libs into the war file.

What we need is a sophisticated build file. And I address this to seniors
in this project.

>I know I can write to the author and ask, but what about somebody that
>just grabs the CVS and wants to try new things out?
>Don't rule them out: they are the very spirit of innovation!
>I think that, as it is, "scratchpad" is an invidually-oriented tool. The
>very name says it!
>My proposal turn an individually-oriented R&D location into a
>community-oriented R&D location.
>How? a few suggestions>
> 1) let's rename "scratchpad" into "whiteboard"!
> 2) each cocoon developer has the right to ask for a "whiteboard area"
>without requiring a votation, thus the directory structure will be as
> /src/whiteboard/[area]/
> 3) the /whiteboard directory contains an XML file that indicates the
>'owner/s' of the area, along with a brief description of what is
>supposed to do.
> 4) each area contains an 'INSTALL' file that indicates how to install
>the 'area' on top of Cocoon and try it out.

I think renaming is not essential. This concept must be lived and we
have to provide a kool enviroment.
+1 on xml file with brief description and
+1 on a INSTALL file
and +1 on extra build file


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