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From "Gerhard Froehlich" <>
Subject RE: TODOs for the next release
Date Thu, 17 Jan 2002 16:42:00 GMT

>From: Carsten Ziegeler []
>Hi Team,
>as we have decided to make the 2.0.1 release asap, let's collect
>all the items we really need to do for this release. 
>Any long term tasks or "heavy plannings" should not go into 2.0.1,
>but in a later release. So what is really necessary?
>1.) Collect all LICENSES into the legal directory as Stefano proposed
>2.) The welcome page looks a not so nice anymore, I got one block on the
>    left and three on the right. This should be more balanced.
>3.) Test, if all included examples work and  either fix them or move
>    them into scratchpad.
>4.) Update jars documentation and perhaps add a note about the 
>    scratchpad directory.
>Anything more?
>Volunteers for the above points are welcome.

I would like to bring up the new/refactored Store in the 2.01 release. But
it's your decision. The license of jisp is not a problem. It is a
libpng flavour (

But as I said it's your decision, but I recommend it! It's running
stable, increases our performance and closes all issues with the
store system.

Why does everyone always overgeneralize?

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