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From "Gerhard Froehlich" <>
Subject FW: C2 Memory Settings - Xms, Xmx, freememory, and heapsize
Date Fri, 25 Jan 2002 16:49:01 GMT
Hi Team,
this is an actual thread in the Cocoon user list.
There are some _interesting_ questions how to
_scale_ Cocoon best.

I know there are better once then I, which can answer

I'm only the Store guy ;-).

"Some people say I am a terrible person, I'm not, 
I have the heart of a young boy, in a jar, on my desk. 
(Stephen King)"

>-----Original Message-----
>From: Peter Hargreaves []
>Sent: Friday, January 25, 2002 1:57 PM
>Subject: RE: C2 Memory Settings - Xms, Xmx, freememory, and heapsize
>Hi Gerhard,
>Many thanks for your time and the extra tips. So, following on the same 
>thread, if you will bear with me? My 'real world' has the following 
>'special case':
>I want to deploy multiple independent cocoon applications in the same 
>servlet container (Tomcat 4.0.1). Is this wise? I assume it means that 
>my servlet container, and my cocoon applications will all be sharing the 
>same jvm and the same heap.
>Method 1 - I could use sub-sitemaps. But, can this be done while using a 
>separate WAR file to deploy each application? I couldn't find out how.
>Method 2 - Alternatively I could deploy cocoon within each application's 
>WAR file. Although this is expensive in hard disk space, I don't mind 
>the price in return for independence. However, it will result in 
>multiple cocoon instances and I'm not so sure about multiple instances 
>sharing the same java heap!! Should I be avoiding this? It might be 
>incredibly expensive in RAM???!!!
>If I do create multiple instances of cocoon in the same jvm then what 
>memory settings should I use?
>Xms - the initial size of the jvm heap. There seems to be no issue with 
>this setting, I just set it to zero to avoid confusion and let the jvm 
>increase the heap as it needs it.
>Xmx - the maximum size of the jvm heap. Again, I just set this to the 
>maximum my system can make available to my servlet container and cocoon 
>But, I now have multiple instances of the store-janitor (don't I?), they 
>are all monitoring the same jvm heap, but each with their own 
>'heapsize', 'freememory', 'cleanupthreadinterval' and 'priority' setting 
>and running asynchronously. They will each set-off finalization and the 
>garbage collector every interval, won't they? Although each 
>cleanupthreadinterval could be increased, they will not be synchronised, 
>so could all fire off close to each other leaving an unreasonable gap. 
>This worries me, could it explain why my garbage collector occasionally 
>takes over the system and crashes it (observed through Optimizeit)?
>Each store-janitor has its own store to look after, but is it possible 
>to balance their demands without one taking outright priority over the 
>store-janitor parameter 'heapsize' - Should all the heapsize params be 
>set the same, or is there a case for setting them differently? I think 
>the same, unless one application should be more concerned about it's use 
>of memory than another.
>store-janitor parameter 'freememory' - Should all these be the same, or 
>is there a case for setting them differently on each store-janitor. 
>Again I think the same, as the results of setting them differently are 
>harder to imagine!
>It seems to me that I should be avoiding multiple cocoon instances under 
>the same jvm because the store-janitor is not really designed for it. 
>Even if Xms is massive because of the over enthusiasm of garbage 
>collection. Is this a reasonable conclusion?
>By the way, I tried just playing with the parameters and wasn't getting 
>very far, but now I've become analytical as well, I'm making progress - 
>in reducing my RAM requirement.
>Yes, Gerhard please make use of my notices for the documentation if you 
>can but I suggest you use the following caveat: "Listen to what I mean, 
>not what I say." - pdh.
>Oh, I've just turned off logging and my application is transformed from 
>"Sluggish" to "Greased Lightning"! - Wow!!
>Looking forward to your comments Gerhard. Comments from others also welcome.

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