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From "Gerhard Froehlich" <>
Subject RE: document structure
Date Fri, 04 Jan 2002 15:48:37 GMT

>Gerhard Froehlich wrote:
>> Hi Team, Stefano,
>> AFAIK we planed to re-organize our document structure,
>> or is this a part of the current re-desing of xml-apache
>> homepage?
>I started approaching a new ToC for the docs, but found the current site
>design too limiting and went to fix that first. Forrest comes from the
>frustration of the 'intrinsically flat design' of the current
> layout and navigation structure.


>But at the same time, expecting Forrest to be there at one point in the
>near future (modulo my freetime) and thus having the flatness removed, I
>think it would be a good thing to go ahead and think about the ToC for
>the Cocoon docs.

Apropos flatness. I recommend not to branch out the ToC excessively.
I think 3 branches should be pretty enough.

>Moreover, I thought again about the issue of URI space and I think the
>proposed suggestion of using /cocoon1 and /cocoon2 and /cocoon pointing
>to the last generation is the best solution.
>In fact, Cocoon1 and Cocoon2 are not version indicators, but generation
>identifiers and they do represent a different product, thus require a
>different location.


>I'm sure this makes everybody happier than my previous proposal about
>/cocoon and /cocoon/old, including me this time.
>Also, it would be *very* helpful for the Forrest effort to come up with
>a ToC that is fully detailed but also indicates the parts that can
>normally be reused across different subprojects. That would give me a
>way to fix the similarities into DTDs and layout structure.

How do you want it. As a XML document like the existing book.xml or a
text document describing the new structure?
I booked in a newtoc.xml and I did something like that:
<menu label="Getting started">
  <menu label="What you should know/read">
    <menu-item label="XML references" href="" type="visible" /> 
    <menu-item label="Avalon" href="" type="visible" /> 
  <menu label="Basics">
    <menu-item label="Pipeline processing" href="" type="visible" /> 
  <menu-item label="Quick setup/installation" href="" type="visible" /> 
to display the structure. But I don't know if the nested <menu label/>
tags will work.
Any better suggestions?

>So, Gerhard, fire at will.

Better not ;)

"A man with one watch knows what time it is, 
a man with two watches is never sure... 
(Albert Einstein)"

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