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From "Gerhard Froehlich" <>
Subject StoreJanitor new calculation [was: Re: Store Janitor Hangs System]
Date Mon, 28 Jan 2002 20:20:39 GMT
Hi Team,
I hope I fixed the problem now!

I changed the StoreJanitorImpl, I try to explain in

<not to serious>
Cocoon reaches 1 million request per second and
memory is getting dangerously low. Time for the
StoreJanitor to kick in and do something. First
he forces the GC. Damn, memory is still low,
we have to remove object from the Store to get
some bytes free. Panic, which Store shall we take?
Ahh index is at -1 so we take the first at index 0 
in the StoreArray. Gosh this one is pretty full how
much objects shall we kick out? Stupid question,
take 10% from all as configured. Chacka, did ya see
them fly?
Next time we take the next store on index 1.
Yeah great work dudes, take a rest.
</not to serious>

Test it!

If patience is a virtue, and ignorance is bliss,
you can have a pretty good life if you're stupid
and willing to wait.

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