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From "Gerhard Froehlich" <>
Subject RE: cvs commit:
Date Mon, 28 Jan 2002 20:52:49 GMT

>From: Mikhail Fedotov []
>> a) The old way stored every object twice. First in
>>  Memory, Second on the
>> Filesystem. That was a very _expensive_ operation. We
>>  needed an extra
>> thread which did all that serialization and he eated
>>  performance. 
>> The only real advantage was to have the objects
>>  persistent after a JVM
>> restart.
>Why don't you put apache httpd behind Cocoon ? It could
> check if there is pregenerated file available and call
> tomcat/cocoon only if need, while cocoon can track down
> any changes in your data and kill those stored files,
> maybe one by one, maybe all at once. The second method is
> known to give dramastic increase on some perl-based sites
> (10-30 times), why don't use it for Cocoon ?

Then you can use the FilesystemStore. No need for a Memory store
with this solution.

BTW: How would you implement this? The filenames are not the
same as the requested pages. They are parts of the xml serialization.

FilesystemStore is part of the store package under Cocoon.


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