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From "Gerhard Froehlich" <>
Subject RE: [OT/Rant] Quoting
Date Thu, 03 Jan 2002 19:10:56 GMT

>From: Gianugo Rabellino []


>See? This happened to me a lot of times, and it means  valuable 
>brainpower being lost due to laziness in quoting and low attention to 
>S/N ratio :/ I remember my old Fidonet days where it was a strict and 
>enforced rule that quoted text could not be more than 50% of the total 
>message: this was done based mostly on bandwith constraints, yet I feel 
>this can still be a good rule of thumb. Oh well, I don't have white hair 
>(er... actually I have a few hair, and yes, some of them are white ;-)) 
>but sometimes I tend to feel like an old man: it starts to look 
>old-fashioned having read RFC1855 and writing signatures separated by 
>Anyway, who cares. Back to work!

I'm not a fan from rules and stuff. But how about defining
some rules for posting:
#1 at least 1 linefeed after a quotation
#2 insert a <skip/> tag ASAP (remove the parts you are
not refering)
#3 don't "re-use" the elzm footer (unsubscribe/subscribe stuff)
#4 max. 100 characters in one line (or 80 for good 'ol terminal

Giacomo converted me to this style months ago, previously I was
the worst candidate in this list ;).


Beam me up... arrgh, no carrier!

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