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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject RE: Some notes on Deli
Date Tue, 29 Jan 2002 08:18:47 GMT
Hi Mark,

> Mark Butler wrote:
> <snip/>
> 2. Alter the format of the legacydevice file:
> Is the real problem that the legacydevice file has to use
> repeated instances
> of the host name / port number? For example would a format that abstracted
> this information as a "profile repository" be better? E.G.
> <devices>
> <repository>
> 	<name>local</name>
>       <host>http://localhost</host>
> 	<port>8080</port>
> 	<path>cocoon/legacyProfiles</path>
> 	<legacyDevice>
> 		<useragentstring>MSIE</useragentstring>
> 		<profileref>mieSample.rdf</profileref>
> 	</legacyDevice>
> 	<legacyDevice>
> 		<useragentstring>mozilla</useragentstring>
> 		<profileref>mozSample.rdf</profileref>
> 	</legacyDevice>
> </repository>
> </devices>
> Here, although localhost and port number are hard-coded, there is only one
> instance to alter?

This would  make the configuration definitly a lot easier. But it
would be great if Deli could use the SourceResolver of Cocoon, so you
could write:

Currently there a two possibilities to get the SourceResolver:
- the easiest (bug ugliest?) is to pass add the source resolver to the
  methods of the Deli component interface, so with each invokation it
  is passed on to the deli component.
- The Deli component can implement the RequestLifecycleComponent interface
  and get the SourceResolver throught this interface, but then Deli can
  not be ThreadSafe any longer.

Sometime in the future we will have a better way for this problem, when
we integrate the source resolving currently developed in avalon excalibur,
but that's science fiction for now.

> > - The "use-deli" configuration on the Deli component seems a
> > little bit
> >   too much configuration possibilities. I think either
> > configuration Deli
> >   as a component (or not) is enough.
> So you mean just get TraxTransformer to check if DELI is running and if so
> uses it?


> This is possible, assuming the code that looks up whether the
> DELI component
> is being managed now works e.g.
> if (this.manager.hasComponent(Deli.ROLE))
Ah, I see, so it's rather a workaround for a problem somewhere else. So, I
would suggest to remove this configuration option and then we can see what's
happening and try to fix the real problem. Is this ok?

> I asked Berin if I this was due to DELI or Avalon - I don't think I got a
> reply? I need to look at this in the current C2 CVS - I'm sorry I've been
> spending time on DELI rather than C2 end of last week -  and see what the
> current situation is.

No problem with this - Deli is really very exiting!
I'm looking forward for the new version!

by the way, do you have some licence files for the
deli.jar, the jena.jar and the rdffilter.jar (and perhaps
the correct version number). So we could add these
information to our repository.


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