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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject RE: Allowed Sitemap Constructs
Date Thu, 03 Jan 2002 14:43:04 GMT
John Morrison wrote:
> > From: Carsten Ziegeler []
> > John Morrison wrote:
> > >
> Would it be acceptable for the sitemap transformation to take
> what you wrote
> above and 'automagically' generate the following...
> <map:pipeline>
>  <map:match pattern="docs/*">
>   <map:act type="LogStatus"/>
>   <map:act type="ProtectAllResource">
>   ...
>   </map:act>
>  </map:match>
> </map:pipeline>
> This would then allow you to 'group' matches within an action but
> would only
> *do* the action when the match is found...?  Does this make
> sense?  Kind of
> a compromise between the verbosity you want in the first instance and what
> actually happens (my version...)?
I really like compromises. I see your concern that the action is always
invoked even if there is no pattern matching, but actually that's the reason
for putting an action on the top level.
Noone can prevent me currently from doing
<map:match pattern="**">
   <map:act type="LogStatus"/>
   <map:act type="ProtectAllResource">
   <map:match pattern="docs/*">

This is a workaround and has the same effect and it's absolutely legal,
so I see no reason against allowing actions as top-level elements.

If you disallow Actions as top-level elements you must also disallow
a match with the pattern="**" as top-level and this is impossible as
I can write my own matcher.

> J.
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