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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject RE: LogKit or Log4J ? [was Re: Refactoring and correction of error notification]
Date Fri, 04 Jan 2002 10:58:16 GMT

And let's not forget about the new logging api of jdk 1.4!

As we in Cocoon are using Avalon anyway, it seems appropriate
to use the Avalon logging as well. It may have some disadvantages
compared with others, it has some advantages over them, but what
really matters is: It simply works and is fast.

Problems may only arise when you use Cocoon in an existing
environment, where other logging frameworks are already in use.

But, and this is the good news, the Avalon team is of course 
aware of all the other logging frameworks and tries to provide
solutions for combining them.
(Please, Berin or Peter correct me if the following is not
The new LogEnabled interface of Avalon abstracts from the 
underlying logging system. So you can use LogKit, Log4j or
the logging API of JDK 1.4 but always have the same interface
to this provided by Avalon.
Unfortunately there are some outstanding issues until
this mechanism can be used in Cocoon. Torsten has already
committed himself to change Cocoon as soon as Avalon is
providing everything needed.

And please, if someone wants to start a thread about which
logging framework is best, please do not use the cocoon mailing
list for this. Discuss it anywhere else and present us 
the results - and we will see then what we have to do (Sylvain,
Nicola Ken - don't worry, I don't target at you with this.)


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