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From "Lewis, Andrew J" <>
Subject RE: Understanding cocoon ......
Date Wed, 09 Jan 2002 21:23:48 GMT
I've looked at this as well and have a project (sorry, can't give the source to this one) that
does this kind of aggregation. The approach I took was to do that recursive, granular compostion
you are referring to within the generator. I basically reached the conclusion that the process
needed for that kind of composition wasn't really within the scope of what sitemap (cool as
it is) was intended to handle. 

I retunr to fully composed result as XML then and use the pipeline features to render it into
the final display output.

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> From: 	Christoph Henrici[]
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> Sent: 	Wednesday, January 09, 2002 3:40 PM
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> Subject: 	Understanding cocoon ......
>   I have been studying, testing and playing around with cocoon in the 
> last few days as a newcomer : i am greatly impressed with what ease with 
> cocoon "pipelines" arbrary data sources can be "chained" to a result 
> target: a very powerful paradigm (pipe) applied in a powerful context 
> (http) by using great technology (xml, xlst). In context of the 
> development of a web based application with requirements for a fairly 
> generic mechanism for the dynamic personlization of webpages in terms of 
> content and style the following questions below arised.  Maybe they stem 
> from the fact, that i still missed a couple of aspect and points, maybe 
> the requirement or idea is just not thought through enough, anyway:
> a. Is it possible to "compose" pipelines and having the composed 
> pipeline beeing processing bottom-up and the whole beeing rendered for 
> example as html: A compostion of tables within table, frames within 
> frame etc.,  where the content of the "elementary" pipelines are 
> dyanmic, taking for examples data from the databases. I am aware that 
> the aggregation <map:aggregate> mechansim provides a somewhat similiar 
> construction, only the composition could also be composed of aggregations.
> b. Is it possible the change the sitemap or more specifically the 
> piplines configuration ( <map:pipelines>)  dynamically.
> If this can be achieved with cocoon 2 i would be very grateful for a 
> rough outline on how. If some additional development would be needed it 
> would be great to have some starting hints at where to start looking at. 
> Any other ideas or suggestions with regard to the requirement are also 
> greatly appreciated.
> Christoph Henrici
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