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From "Butler, Mark" <>
Subject RE: Plans for upcoming release: DELI
Date Wed, 30 Jan 2002 14:54:00 GMT
Configuring DELI & TraxTransformer:

1. Sitemap.xmap

Yes it is much better to turn DELI on locally in a <map:match> block in
sitemap.xmap using

<map:parameter name="use-deli" value="true"/>

Thanks (Carsten + Michael?). This seems a better solution the turning DELI
on globally in the <map:Transformer name="xslt" block. 

Please can someone update sitemap.xmap to remove the <use-deli> statement in
<map:Transformer name="xslt" e.g.

<map:transformer name="xslt"            logger="sitemap.transformer.xslt"
                 pool-max="32" pool-min="16" pool-grow="4">

2. TraxTransformer itself

We still haven't resolved the problem with this code in TraxTransformer:

        // FIXME (VG): Replace try with hasComponent() check when it works
as expected
        //System.out.println(Deli.ROLE + ": " +
        //if (this.manager.hasComponent(Deli.ROLE)) {
        try {
            if (this.getLogger().isDebugEnabled()) {
                getLogger().debug("Looking up " + Deli.ROLE);
            this.deli = (Deli) this.manager.lookup(Deli.ROLE);
        } catch (ComponentException e) {
            getLogger().debug("Deli is not available");
        } catch (NoClassDefFoundError e) {
            getLogger().debug("Deli is not available");

I wondered if it was because I had omitted the class attribute in the .xconf

    <parameter name="deli-config-file"
    <parameter name="use-deli" value="true"/>


  <deli class="org.apache.cocoon.components.deli.DeliImpl">
    <parameter name="deli-config-file"
    <parameter name="use-deli" value="true"/>

however including the class attribute doesn't seem to make any difference.

So questions:
- Does this class attribute need to be there?
- Anybody got any other ideas on what is causing this problem?

thanks - I get on with updating the docs now.


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