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From "Butler, Mark" <>
Subject DELI Sample, Avalon and getRealPath
Date Mon, 21 Jan 2002 15:13:07 GMT
(Apologies in advance for previous incomplete post) 

Hi Konstantin
>     --- DELI ---
>         [OK] or [FAIL] for HTML users - shows a page with 
> "DELI is turned
> off". If it's the expected result then everything works.

The message "DELI is turned off" is okay *BUT* if I set 

    <parameter name="use-deli" value="true"/>

then I still get the same message indicating there is still a problem with 

        if (this.manager.hasComponent(Deli.ROLE)) {
            if (this.getLogger().isDebugEnabled()) {
                getLogger().debug("Looking up " + Deli.ROLE);
            this.deli = (Deli) manager.lookup(Deli.ROLE);
        } else {
            getLogger().debug("Deli is not available");

in i.e. the this.manager.hasComponent is still failing
even when DELI is enabled. 

Berin writes

> The issue behind this is that unless a Component has been defined in
> the configuration file, there is a good chance you don't want 
> it.  This
> allows us to have entries in the roles file that will resolve to an
> implementation if we really need the component--but will be ignored
> if we don't want it, or it is optional.

Which configuration file are you referring to? 

> Case and point would be the TraxTransformer and the DELI Component
> (BrowserCapabilities Component to be more precise).  Not 
> everyone want's
> to use the DELI component in their systems (I currently don't have a
> direct need yet--but will later).  

Sure, I'm aware folks may not want to use DELI - that's not the issue. If
the Avalon code is correct - I guess you'll need to look at the patch - then
I'm guessing either i) if DELI initializes it needs to make something (the
manager?) aware of its existence or ii) DELI shouldn't be controlling
whether it starts up itself - Avalon already has a mechanism for this.

In either of these cases, I would be very grateful if you could explain how
I add optional support to my component? It's possible I've inadvently tried
to replicate some Avalon functionality here. Currently it works as follows:
during parameterize, the DELI component looks at cocoon.xconf and manually
decides whether to create a DELI workspace. Then TraxTransformer looks at
sitemap.xmap and determines whether to use DELI or not. Is there a better
way of doing this?

RE: getRealPath

Currently DELI uses getRealPath in order to locate the Deli Config files. As
others have noticed this doesn't work reliably on some APP servers for WARs
- any ideas on the correct way to do this?

sorry for all the questions, thanks in advance


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