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From "Butler, Mark" <>
Subject FW: List of issues with samples (RE: Samples not working!!!!!!)
Date Fri, 18 Jan 2002 16:08:27 GMT
Hi Vadim

> I did not turn it off. The issue how I see it is that when
> TraxTransformer looks for Deli, it finds no components.
> Does Deli works for you? If so, it means that either you do not have
> latest CVS, or I missed something in configuration.

I've got the latest CVS and yes I experience the same problem. It seems to
be due to the 
following lines in

       if (this.manager.hasComponent(Deli.ROLE)) {
            if (this.getLogger().isDebugEnabled()) {
                getLogger().debug("Looking up " + Deli.ROLE);
            this.deli = (Deli) manager.lookup(Deli.ROLE);
        } else {
    		getLogger().debug("Deli is not available");

The test this.manager.hasComponent(Deli.ROLE) is failing, even though Deli
does exist - does anyone know why?

If you comment out the if statement and the else clause it works.

Perhaps I need to add some code in the Deli component - can anyone point me
at an example?



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