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From Michael Hartle <>
Subject Re: Promotions, Revisioning and Workflow
Date Thu, 24 Jan 2002 18:53:59 GMT
Bertrand Delacretaz wrote:

>On Thursday 24 January 2002 13:55, Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
>>. . .
>>(yes, it's piece of cacke to add WebDAV functionality to Cocoon
>>directly, it's just a bunch of new HTTP actions and some XML content,
>>not a big deal for our machinery)
I am highly interested in the complete design of such an extension; I am 
still looking forward to use Cocoon/WebDAV as a basis for personalized 
virtual harddisks, eg. as personal work environments, allowing every 
user to personalize their view on the content structure. Yet trying to 
extend Cocoon to be a solid designed basis for a virtual WebDAV storage 
which contains dynamically-generated contents gave me some major headaches.

Issues I came across were things like the requirement of browsability of 
directories (called collections in WebDAV), adequate ways to allow for 
generation and filtering of directory "browse-lists" or proper 
integration into the sitemap without allowing "ooops-its-no-more-WebDAV" 
misconfigurations; it was then when I started drooling for the sitemap 
componentization and being able to mount sub-"sitemaps" based on other 

>Wow - do you mean WebDAV retrieval AND storage?
>I assume versioning would be much harder, though?
Basically, when you have managed to provide WebDAV services via Cocoon 
in a clean manner, then versioning is not that hard anymore; you'd still 
have to think about versioning-capable storage backends.

Best regards,

Michael Hartle,
Hartle & Klug GbR

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