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From Enke Michael <>
Subject Re: i18n transformer update
Date Thu, 24 Jan 2002 12:08:48 GMT
Hi Konstantin,
that is fine that you have a little time ;-)

1) I have a whish: Could we introduce a new cocoon.xconf parameter for i18n
  called empty-translation, e.g. empty-translation="."?
  At this time it is not possible to have an empty translation.
  I need this for generic formular creation and I only commented out
  line 357 in itemValue = itemValue.trim();
  and put a space in the dictionary.
  But I think a more common solution would be fine also for others.
2) I prepared 2 new attributes: currency-no-unit and int-currency-no-unit
  This prevents the "$" or "DM" (now "Euro") from printing.
  I append the diff -u
3) Since the last update (?) of I get this note
  at compile time:
Note: .../i18n/ uses or overrides a deprecated API.  Recompile
with "-deprecation" for details.
  If you could have a look at this ...


"Piroumian, Konstantin" wrote:
> Hi, C2ers!
> As I have a little free time, I'm going to make some code clean up in i18n
> transformer and LocaleAction. I've already added JavaDoc comments to all
> public members and polished a little class comments.
> Next I am going to create an I18nUtils class that will contain all general
> purpose i18n routines, such as locale string parsing, date/number formatting
> and parsing, etc. Currently, it will be placed in org.apache.cocoon.i18n
> package.
> Also, I'm going to add a new <i18n:get-locale> element that will use
> LocaleAction.getLocale() to return the current selected Locale (it can be
> different from request.getLocale()).  (It'd be good also to move getLocale()
> to the new I18nUtils, but now getLocale() has a lot of dependencies from
> Cocoon, but I want to keep I18nUtils as much general as possible).
> Are there any other wishes/suggestions/comments regarding i18n?
> Best regards,
> Konstantin Piroumian
> Leading Software Developer
> Protek Flagship LLC
> Phone: + 7 095 795 0520 (add. 1288)
> Fax: + 7 095 795 0525
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