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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Re: Donating Portal and Authentication Components to the Cocoon project
Date Wed, 23 Jan 2002 09:16:49 GMT
Matthew Langham wrote:

>Hi Michael,
>Is there a concept in your portal components that are the equivalent from
>portlets as defined in some of the latest jsr's?
>Ok. That answer was a bit short :-).
>Our concept is called sunlets (but hey thats only a name :-)). The way it
>works is as follows:
>The default for the following description is that all configuration is
>stored in XML files. However this is configurable (i.e. it works via
>in the sitemap) - so you can just as well store the configuration in a
>a) There exists a "sunlet-profile". The sunlet-profile contains the
>for all available sunlets. Basically each sunlet has a name (which then maps
>to a pipeline) and configuration parameters (such as minimizable etc.). Here
>is an example from the current profile:
>		<sunlet id="banknews">
>    			<resource uri="sunbanksunlet-online-banking.xml"/>
>     			<configuration>
>       			<mandatory>false</mandatory>
>       			<sizable>true</sizable>
>       			<active>true</active>
>                        <timeout>5000</timeout>
>    			</configuration>
>    			<title>Banking News</title>
>    			<status>
>       			<visible>true</visible>
>        			<size>max</size>
>			</status>
>		</sunlet>
>Notice that the <resource> tag defines the sunlet-pipeline in the sitemap.
>It is also possible to directly use a Java class as a sunlet as well. The
>portal generator maps the <configuration> parameters to "minimize" graphics
>when the sunlet is presented in the portal. Refer to the screenshot I have
>attached. Notice how the sunlet in the top right is minimized, showing
>only its title bar.
Hey, this reminds me of a question that was asked recently on the list 
about allowing the "resource:" protocol for mounting subsitemaps.

This would allow sunlets to be packaged in a jar file containing the 
subsitemap and any specific classes. Add some entries to a manifest 
file, and just drop the .jar of a sunlet in a special directory 
(WEB-INF/sunlets ?) to have it automagically available in the system.

What do you think ?

Sylvain, really excited about this stuff ;)

Sylvain Wallez
Anyware Technologies -

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