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From Bernhard Huber <>
Subject Reference documentation, more documentation
Date Sun, 20 Jan 2002 00:24:09 GMT
as posted once I'm working to generate reference documentation of cocoon 
from java sources.

So far I have generated reference documentation for:
* generators
* transformers
* serializers
* actions
* matchers
* selectors
* readers

I generate document-v10 compliant documents for each sitemap component.
Each reference document has an Introduction, which is a copy&paste of
its cocoon.xmap description.
Each single sitemap component implementation:
* First sentence of javadoc class documentation is copied.
* @cocoon:name text is copied, describing sitemap component name
* Full qualified classname
* All implemented interface
* Sample defining sitemap component
* Sample using sitemap component.

As a first step I only introduced the new javadoc tag @cocoon:name for 

Using this kind of generating documentation from the java source, it 
might be
useful to add more javadoc tags.
For example
@cocoon:mode [core|optional][,default]
@cocoon:logger core.[xslt|root|...]

Any comments, or ideas?

bye bernhard

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