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From Bernhard Huber <>
Subject cocoon sitemap reference pages
Date Sun, 13 Jan 2002 11:02:23 GMT

The last day I was trying to auto-generate sitemap reference documentation.

I was implementing a java1.3 doclet extension. This doclet extension uses
Velocity to generate apache document pages for
* Generator
* Transformer
* Serializer

Each of this classes generates following document elements:
<s2 title="{FQN classname}">
  {first sentence of class javadoc}
  Name {optional @cocoon:name javadoc tag}
  Class {FQN classname}
  Cacheable {true if class implements Cacheable}
  AllInterfaces {list of all implementing interfaces}
  AllSuperclasses {list of all superclasses}

  <s3 title="Sitemap Definition">
       ... <map:generator name="{@cocoon:name}" src="{FQN classname}"/> ...
  <s3 title="Sitemap Usage">
    ... <map:generate name="{@cocoon:name}"/>...

As of today some javadocs has html tags in the javadoc which makes troubles
in the "build docs" document generation.

This effort might help to have uptodate documentation, as it is 
generated directly from the
java source code.
This effort does not replace writting documentation, but it might help.

Currently only the javadoc tag @cocoon:name is respected.
Maybe defining more tags might enrich the reference documents further.

The reference documentation step should happen before launching "build 
The files generators-ref.xml, transformers-ref.xml, and 
serializers-ref.xml are generated
by the reference documetation step.

Any ideas?

bye bernhard

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