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From Christoph Henrici <>
Subject Understanding cocoon ......
Date Wed, 09 Jan 2002 20:40:56 GMT
  I have been studying, testing and playing around with cocoon in the 
last few days as a newcomer : i am greatly impressed with what ease with 
cocoon "pipelines" arbrary data sources can be "chained" to a result 
target: a very powerful paradigm (pipe) applied in a powerful context 
(http) by using great technology (xml, xlst). In context of the 
development of a web based application with requirements for a fairly 
generic mechanism for the dynamic personlization of webpages in terms of 
content and style the following questions below arised.  Maybe they stem 
from the fact, that i still missed a couple of aspect and points, maybe 
the requirement or idea is just not thought through enough, anyway:

a. Is it possible to "compose" pipelines and having the composed 
pipeline beeing processing bottom-up and the whole beeing rendered for 
example as html: A compostion of tables within table, frames within 
frame etc.,  where the content of the "elementary" pipelines are 
dyanmic, taking for examples data from the databases. I am aware that 
the aggregation <map:aggregate> mechansim provides a somewhat similiar 
construction, only the composition could also be composed of aggregations.
b. Is it possible the change the sitemap or more specifically the 
piplines configuration ( <map:pipelines>)  dynamically.

If this can be achieved with cocoon 2 i would be very grateful for a 
rough outline on how. If some additional development would be needed it 
would be great to have some starting hints at where to start looking at. 
Any other ideas or suggestions with regard to the requirement are also 
greatly appreciated.

Christoph Henrici

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