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From Gianugo Rabellino <>
Subject [OT/Rant] Quoting
Date Thu, 03 Jan 2002 16:43:54 GMT

please don't take this the wrong way: I feel a bit like old aunt Polly 
asking people to be polite and to behave, but this is turning into a 
problem (at least to me).

I would like to draw your attention on the quoting issue: I'm really 
having a hard time in following the ML traffic given that when a 
discussion grows beyond the three replies it suddenly becomes a jungle 
of (mainly mis)quoted stuff. I know that editing messages is a boring 
task and it's way faster to just jump to the place where you want to 
place a reply, hit Enter and start writing, but please keep in mind that 
your saved 2 minutes turn out into a loss of time and concentration of 
every list reader (try to sum up the time spent by every reader, 
probably the total amount of waste of brain cycles would be impressive: 
come on, we have better things to do :)).

I challenge any of you to catch up after a few days away from the ML, 
get a message from a populated thread, glance at it and understand what 
is it about and where does the discussion take place: I spend most of 
the time looking around a ton of quoted text (which many times includes 
taglines, signatures and everything) to discover that the whole mail 
turns into a "+1" hidden around.

Is it only me getting old and picky? :) Or should we pay a bit more 
attention to this issue?

Thanks for bearing with me so far,

Gianugo "old aunt" Rabellino

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