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From Gianugo Rabellino <>
Subject Resolution/validation woes
Date Wed, 02 Jan 2002 18:57:50 GMT
Looks like it's time to confess how much my hate for DTDs and validation 
in general brought me to a deep ignorance and to what seems to be a dead 
end alley.

I always try to avoid validation, but this time I have to: while playing 
with a pretty cool DocBook add-on for M$ Word (you might want to check 
it out at it's closed-source yet it has a free 
that does all that is needed to me) I'm facing the fact that the 
software saves its documents with a

<!DOCUMENT article SYSTEM "sdocbook.dtd">

directive. This caused my Cocoon to fail with a 
ResourceNotFoundException on the missing DTD file.

Now... I tried to turn validation off in cocoon.xconf. No luck. I tried 
then to resort to the entity resolver by adding the line

SYSTEM "sdocbook.dtd" "sdocbook.dtd"

to the end of resources/entities/catalog. No way: the little boy still 
insists to have its private copy of sdocbook.dtd in the same directory.

Now for the question: how on earth am I supposed to tell to the parser 
to simply *ignore* any DTD/Schema directive (or to ignore any error 
coming from suche Handlers)? If this is not possible, how does the 
catalog resolution work (i.e. where do I start in debugging it apart 
from CocoonServlet :))?



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