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From Frans Thamura <>
Subject incompatibility between Tomcat 4 and 3, Who will support this???
Date Wed, 23 Jan 2002 09:32:38 GMT
Dear All,

sorry if i email in the wrong email, i just want to
discuss it... be positive oke...

I got the problem, i cannot install cocoon 1.8.2 in
tomcat 4, and i replied to tomcat list, but i think
they think it also, it is cocoon problem (because i
cannot install it), but honestly cocoon 1.8.2 is very
stable (cocooner said, i can guarantee it), and i
think this will be tomcat problem..

Why? tomcat 4 and tomcat 3 is build in different
concept.. and several need reconfiguration, including
put the jar right... ;P

but, the cocoon 1.8.2 problem in tomcat 4, only, and
no one (less maybe) tomcat user use this 

i think this problem is show up, often, and often....

and I see, in cocoon list, there is no one asking
about cocoon 2, but Borland include cocoon 1.8 to his

i think this is a good thing, that Borland include the
cocoon to his JBuilder,

but what happen with us, for the implementator..

i think there is no support in Borland to do that...
and in cocoon too, because all the cocoon are very
busy with Cocoon 2..

Oke, just it, i hope all of you understand..


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