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From Andrew Answer <>
Subject Re: Promotions, Revisioning and Workflow
Date Thu, 24 Jan 2002 11:13:47 GMT
Hello Stefano,

  you know anything about Perl-written CVS-integrated collaboration
  system Twiki ( and his Java servlet-based analogue
  WebTrans (,, written by Rus
  Heywood? May be this code can be integrated into C2...
  Importance of this system in new ideas area. You can see to the site from
  other point of view: as "collaboration system" instead of "publishing
  engine" - i think, two-sided streams of data is a future of
  Now i try programming something link between systems, but i have too
  little exp for fast work. Listen your comments...
>*************Original message*************
> From: Stefano Mazzocchi <>
> To: Apache Cocoon <>
> Date: Tuesday, January 22, 2002, 7:52:57 PM
> Subject: Promotions, Revisioning and Workflow
> Ok, now that I know what Robert meant with 'promotions' I want to give
> you my impressions.

> 1) I've been talking about this 'CVS for XML' on the Xindice-dev mail
> list. Check the mail archives 


> 2) I believe that a KMS *must* have the ability to do version control
> and workflow management. Integrated. The two together, give you
> 'promotions'.

> 3) CVS is not enough.

> 4) Subversion is *much* better ( but still
> is 'file' based, an XML-based KMS needs 'node-granular' versioning
> metadata

> My dream KMS architecture is something like this:

>      [frontend] - [CMS] - [backend]
>                     |
>                  [store]

> where cocoon powers both 'frontend' and 'backend', CMS wraps around an
> native XML database and provides versioning, access control, transparent
> query filtering and all the required things. 'store' is implemented with
> a mix of 'native XML databases' and 'relational databases' (depending on
> the needs, still I haven't designed the whole concept, but I'm not sure
> that a native XML DB is capable of doing everything without serious
> performance degradation).

> What do you think?
>*************Original message*************

Best regards,
  Andrew Answer     

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