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From "Piroumian, Konstantin" <>
Subject Samples report & suggestions
Date Mon, 21 Jan 2002 11:08:27 GMT
Good <time-of-day />!

Below goes detailed report on samples with my comments.

        --- o ---
Multimedia Hello World:

    [INFO] WML, VoxML, VRML - I've never been able to try this samples. It
would be fine to have a link to according plug-in sites.

        --- o ---
Static content

    --- DELI ---
        [OK] or [FAIL] for HTML users - shows a page with "DELI is turned
off". If it's the expected result then everything works.

    --- Static contents ---

        [FAIL] SVG vector graphics - I got an exception with message:
org.apache.cocoon.ProcessingException: Could not read resource
enryV.svg: org.apache.batik.transcoder.TranscoderException: null
Enclosed Exception:
The URI '' specified on the element <use> is invalid

        [WARN] SVG Welcome page - shows the page with no visible graphics.
But invisible links are clickable ;)

    --- Dynamic content ---

        [FAIL] Python generator returns an Exception because of not found
jpython language. Can this be avoided by showing an info page telling how to
configure Python?

        [FAIL] Parent component manager returns an Exception, although I've
compiled the webapp with include.libs

        [FAIL] JSPGenerator, JSPReader - an exception because of not found
Jasper servlet class. Avoided by coping jasper-compiler.jar to WEB-INF/lib.
Somewhere this must be written.

        [INFO] i18n samples dictionaries are corrupted (for Russian, at
least) by Ant. Also, there are some minor incorrections. Hope, I'll fix

        [FAIL] ESQL sample fails with: java.sql.SQLException: Table not
found: XML_TABLE in statement [select xml from xml_table

        [FAIL] Session XSP fails with: Error compiling sessionpage_xsp: Line
217, column 71: ')' expected.

        [WARN] File upload - the file is uploaded, but the page is not
loaded. In consol there were a message:
        *** finished reading input
        internal count shows: read 554 of expected 553 bytes

        [INFO] SOAP and aggregation samples - could not try them because of
a corporate firewall. Maybe it'll be better to provide an aggregation of
local pipelines instead of external sources?

        --- Sources ---
        [INFO] File not found page takes infinite time to load. I've timed
out. ;)

        --- Web applications ---
        [INFO] Almost all [OK], except adding an employee from the Manage
employees - an empty line is added to the combo instead of employee name.

        --- Documentation ---
        [FAIL] Tutorial: the start page is OK. Clicking on any link results

        [INFO] Slides - isn't it time to update this demo? Are you still a
student, Stefano? ;)

        [FAIL] Lucene search - fails with ClassNotFound error. Where do I
get needed classes? Or where do I learn where to get the needed classes?

       --- System Tools and Pages ---
       [INFO] Request info page returned as XML. Is it expected so? Why?

That's all for today.
All samples are tested with today's CVS snapshot on:
JDK 1.3.0
Win NT 4.0
Tomcat 4.0

Best regards,

Konstantin Piroumian
Leading Software Developer

Protek Flagship LLC
Phone: + 7 095 795 0520 (add. 1288)
Fax: + 7 095 795 0525

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