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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] new build targets
Date Thu, 24 Jan 2002 08:20:48 GMT
Hi Ken, today i added your next set of patches
for the new targets "interactive" and "patchqueue*".

- move stylesheets from tools/src/ to tools/resources/stylesheets/
- replace ascii art with simple header

There were some things that i did not add because i was
getting out of my depth. You were also renaming some
classes in tools/src/ and corresponding changes in the
main build.xml
Please discuss that issue separately on the list first.

You were also adding a copy of the "init" target from
build.xml into build-i.xml and build-s.xml ... why?
This seems like a maintenance nightmare for the release
manager, as he would need to update release info in 3 places.

Anyway, please deal with both of those issues at another

In the "interactive build" build-i.xml you had an option for
"patchqueue". I removed that because we do not want to
make it easy for users to run that build target.

There is one final thing that needs to be done, but i did
not understand what you mean. In Bugzilla you say
something about moving build-*.xml into a new directory
tools/builds/ and "corrected inter-references". I am not
clear on what you want done here. Please explain.

When that is done we can close the Bugzilla entry, as
i think that your main functionality is in there now.
Of course your documentation is still to come :-)

--David Crossley

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