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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] new build targets
Date Wed, 23 Jan 2002 07:25:08 GMT
Hi Nicola Ken, today i added your patches for the new
"interactive" and "patchqueue*" targets. Many thanks,
these work well.

I made a few cosmetic changes. I did change some filenames
to make more readable directory listing ...
 i-build.xml => build-i.xml
 s-build.xml => build-s.xml
 try-build.xml => build-t.xml

I tried the "patchqueue-xdocs" target and that worked nicely
to get the listing directly from Bugzilla and create an xdoc.
Very good. However, i have not yet tried "build docs" to be
sure that all is OK with the generated xdoc (would you please).

I did not try the "patchqueue" targets that send notifications
to the mail lists. By the way, i presume that an ordinary user
will be able to use those targets. Is that what we want?

The interactive build worked fine for me
./ -buildfile build-i.xml

I found only a few issues ...

1) The directory tools/src is getting to be a bit haphazard now.
Does it need some structure?

2) ASCII art ... i do not see the need for this. To me it is just
clutter. However i committed it anyway. What do others think?

3) You will need to add some xdoc documentation somewhere
about how to use these new facilities. Your email below is
a good start for the words.

4) When this new functionality is properly settled we need to
add an entry to changes.xml

I will be away now for the rest of our evening.

Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
> I've refactored the patch as proposed on this list.
> Since a target uses JTidy, I've added a line to the scripts that copies it
> with other support jars.
> The patch has been submitted to Bugzilla in two files; I'm having problems
> in creating a patch for build.* files, so I've sent a "normal" diff instead.
> Here is a short description of the new capabilities it adds to the Cocoon
> build system.
> - interactive build -
> Prompts the user with common build targets. In case of war installation, it
> also asks for the destination dir.
> The main target is in i-build.xml, and another new target is in build.xml
> (installwar).
> To run, at the prompt:  build.[bat|sh] -buildfile=i-build.xml
> - scratchpad build -
> Prompts the user with scratchpad build targets. It's just a POC, because the
> schecoon build it calls now was not written to run called by another task.
> The main target is in s-build.xml.
> To run, at the prompt:  build.[bat|sh] -buildfile=s-build.xml
> - try task -
> A task to try out new tasks.The main target is in build.xml, while the tasks
> to try are in try-build.xml.
> To run, at the prompt:  build.[bat|sh] try -Dtry.task=[task to try]
> - jtidy task -
> Task to clean an html file with jTidy. I had to reprocess the DOM to
> eliminate double attributes in the same tags, that
> jTidy doesn't correct and Bugzilla has in its html. (I queried jTidy guys,
> and they said that they will change code only when the new Tidy is out)
> The java task file is in tools/src/
> To run, in the build use:
>     <taskdef name="jtidy" classname="JTidyTask"
>         classpath="${tools.dir}/anttasks"/>
>     <jtidy src="${build.patchqueue}/bugzillapatchqueue.html"
>            dest="${build.patchqueue}/bugzillapatchqueue.xhtml"
>            log="${build.patchqueue}/bugzillapatchqueue.log"
>            summary="true"
>            warn="true"/>
>  where
>  src: source html
>  dest: result
>  log: jtidy warnings-errors-summary log
>  summary: show summary info
>  warn: show warnings
> - patchqueue tasks -
> Tasks to get pending patches from Bugzilla and perform actions with it.The
> tasks are in try-build.xml.
> To run, at the prompt:  build.[bat|sh] try -Dtry.task=[task to try]
> These tasks are:
> - prepare-patchqueue:   Gets pending patches from bugzilla and cleans html
> - patchqueue-xml : Transforms bugzilla patches html into xml
> - patchqueue-xdocs: Makes patches.xml for xdocs using bugzilla patches xml
> - patchqueue: Creates a notification of the current patch queue to the
> mailing list
> - patchqueue-notify: Sends a notification of the current patch queue to the
> mailing list
> Each task depends on the previous.
> --
> Nicola Ken Barozzi       
> These are the days of miracle and wonder...
>  don't cry baby, don't cry...
>                                                   Paul Simon

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