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From David Crossley <>
Subject getResource problems (was: TODOs for the next release)
Date Fri, 18 Jan 2002 03:18:09 GMT
Bernhard Huber wrote:
>I think that the servlet implementation for getResource is somewhat wrong,
>it is a bad idea trying to getExternalForm() from an directory installed
>webapplication, hence trying first getRealPath(), and only if it returns 
>null try using getResource(), yields okay
>For Win2K, WLS6.1, directory deployed Cocoon webapp,
>Changed not checked-in modified ResolverImpl
>        // Load the built-in catalog.
>        String catalogFile = params.getParameter("catalog",
>          "/resources/entities/catalog");
>        try {
>            String catalogURL = null;
>            catalogURL = this.context.getRealPath( catalogFile );
>            if (catalogURL == null) {
>              catalogURL = 
>            }
>With this changed ResolverImpl:
><snip result="ok for bernhard" os="win" version="2000" container="wls6.1"/>
><snip result="not tested" os="win" version="2000" container="tomcat3.2.3"/>
><snip result="ok for bernhard" os="win" version="2000" 
>bye bernhard

Excellent work Bernhard. I added your patch to my
working copy and all is still well for me on Linux.
So i have now commited your changes.

Would others please please report any problems ...
1) use the sample "Entity Catalogs" from the Welcome page
2) run "build docs" and get past "catalog-test.xml"
3) run "build test" and pass the Catalog Resolver tests.

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