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From "Vadim Gritsenko" <>
Subject RE: [VOTE] add new store component: JispFilesystemStore
Date Tue, 15 Jan 2002 13:45:39 GMT
> From: Gerhard Froehlich []
> Changes:
> New Store Persistence:
> I wrote a Jisp <> based
> Persistence Store (JispFilesystemStore), which serves cocoon as a
> system. The Persistence Store exists of one datafile and one B-tree
> index file which -well- points to this datafile. This is a very
> optimal solution, to access quick serialized data. The core developer
> of Jisp told me, that Jisp can handle over a million of entries
> in one datafile. That should be enough ;-).
> Memory Store Refactoring:
> I removed this odd FilesystemQueue, etc, which I didn't like from that
> day I introduced it ;). Objects are swapped out to the new Store
> if a) Memory Store is full or b) the StoreJanitor forces it, because
> Memory is running low in the JVM.
> So we have at least only one Thread left in the Store compents, that
> in the StoreJanitorImpl. But I just overhanded the Store components to
> jakara-commons community and some people showed interest to develop
(with me)
> this
> components further. A Cache with weak references is in discussion
> Documentation update:
> I updated the related documents, of course.
> The only problem is I have the latest running version in my
> workdir and not in the scratchpad. So you're not able to test
> the, before I commit the changes. I'm sorry.

How about moving this from scratchpad into main trunk right after 2.0.2?
Some more testing won't hurt :)


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