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From "Vadim Gritsenko" <>
Subject Reorganizing Samples
Date Tue, 15 Jan 2002 04:41:39 GMT

I would like to re-organize samples shipped with Cocoon: divide them on
separate pages, each of these should fit into the screen or so, but not
so huge as current examples page.

I see following parts on the first welcome page:

  <group name="Multimedia Hello World">
    - as is,

  <group name="Documentation">
    - with the additions:
   <sample name="Slides" href="slides/slides">
    Presentation shown at ApacheCon 2000. (Example of complex XSLT
   <sample name="Search the docs" href="search/welcome">
    Search into the cocoon documentation using Apache Lucene.

  <group name="More Samples">
    - will have links to other pages:
      <sample name="Static Content" href="sample-static">
      <sample name="Dynamic Content" href="sample-dynamic">
      <sample name="Sources" href="sub/">
      <sample name="Web Applications" href="sample-apps">

  <group name="System Tools And Pages">
    - with the addition:
   <sample name="Sitemap Editor" href="sitebuilder/openSubSite/">
    Cocoon/JSP based Sitemap Editor.

Any comments, suggestions or critics?


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