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From Per-Olof Norén <>
Subject xconf and store problem
Date Fri, 25 Jan 2002 15:06:19 GMT

I have a few questions about the store implementation.
Basically I would like to divide the result of a large SQL query into several blocks and store
these blocks in some kind of store.
My question is how to initialize my own store and then get a reference to it.
Can I add an entry in the cocoon.xconf like the cachingEventPipeline and cachingStreamPipeline?
Something like:

<sql-cache class="" logger="">
     <parameter name="maxobjects" value="100"/>
     <parameter name="filesystem" value="true"/>

If that is possible, how do I then get a reference to it?
If I my classes implement Composable and I give them the the ComponentManager from my Cocoon-components,
can I use that ComponentManager to lookup my store?
What´s the correlation between the entry in the cocoon.xconf and the key used to retrieve
them from the store?
I looked at the CachingEventPipeline and noticed that the cache/store is retrieved with the
following line (row 67 in

this.eventCache = (Store)this.manager.lookup(Store.ROLE + "/EventCache");

Which component is responsible for adding the store to the ComponentManager and where does
the "/EventCache" part come from. A quick search through the checked out Cocoon-repository
only shows that single occurence of the string...

I would like to retrieve my own store along the same lines, ie :

this.SQLCache = (Store)this.manager.lookup(Store.ROLE + "/SQLCache");

I´ve got a gut feeling that this is a really simple question but I can´t see it... ;)

thx in advance
Per-Olof Norén

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