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From "Nicola Ken Barozzi" <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] new build targets
Date Tue, 22 Jan 2002 13:05:43 GMT
From: "David Crossley" <>

> Nicola Ken, i am interested in your Bugzilla entry #5871
> [PATCH] new build targets: interactive and patchqueue [was New Interactive
build target]


> I gather that this adds new build targets and also an
> interactive facility to gain user input during the build
> process. This will be very useful.
> As i am a new committer, i would like your help with it.
> I do think that we need to refine your ideas first.

Yes, I've seen that other patches have been applied right away while this
one -correctly- remained there, as it's not a patch but an enhancement. Next
time I will discuss it on the list first.

> I tried
> reviewing the attachments in Bugzilla. However, i started
> to get lost. I wonder if you are moving a little too fast on it.

I release early and often ;-)

> I imagine that you also are excited by Cocoon :-) I see that
> you are patching your own patches ... hold the reins :-)

I continue to improve them, yes, but since they involve the same file, the
result is quite difficult to manage.

> Would you please stop for a while and help me to get
> your current set of patches into CVS.

<running to="stand still"/>

> The first step should be for you to add some more "Additional
> Comments" into Bugzilla to give me a list of the relevant
> "attach_id"s. I see that some are now not relevant, so you
> can tell me which to use. (You could of course tell me in
> email, but we need to complete the document trail in Bugzilla.)

The relevant ones are always only the last. As requested in the submission
guidelines, changes to patches must result in completely new patches, so
every submission invalidates the previous. You are right, I will specify it
more clearly next time.
There are many versions also because the patch must run agains the current
CVS, and since build.xml has been changed a lot lately, I got conflicts
daily, so I resubmitted every time.

Nicola Ken Barozzi       
These are the days of miracle and wonder...
 don't cry baby, don't cry...
                                                  Paul Simon

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