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From giacomo <>
Subject Re: try to improve logging
Date Wed, 19 Dec 2001 14:49:27 GMT
On Wed, 19 Dec 2001, Gerhard Froehlich wrote:

> Hi Team,
> I _try_ to improve our logging and wanna change
> this to Berins proposal:
>   core.log
>   sitemap.log
>   access.log
>   error.log
> I found a logkit.xconf, where I can define this categories.
> Then I can assign this categories to the logger attribute
> of component config. in the cocoon.xconf.

Correct. Actually even the component in the sitemap.xmap can be
configured with the logger attribute.

> But I stuck defining different log targets for classes like
> CocoonServlet, etc, which are not listed in the cocoon.xconf file.
> Do I have to set the target in each class seperate or can I do it
> in a general place, I didn't found?

The CocoonServlet uses the log category mentioned in the web.xml file as
parameter "servlet-logger". All other classes (including Avalon CM) uses
the logger mentioned in the web.xml file parameter "cocoon-logger".

> Maybe sombody can give me a little hint where to start and
> how to configure the LogKit best.

Hope this helps.


>   Gerhard
> "A man with one watch knows what time it is,
> a man with two watches is never sure...
> (Albert Einstein)"
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