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From giacomo <>
Subject Re: Branches and CachingxxxPipline enlightenment request!
Date Sun, 09 Dec 2001 21:17:11 GMT
On Fri, 7 Dec 2001, Gerhard Froehlich wrote:

> Hi,
> I did 2 checkouts:
> 1. HEAD:
> The system is using NonCachingxxxPipelines! I've looked into the
> cocoon.xconf but there are the caching ones configured (cocoon.roles
> don't have any Pipline role definition).
> 2. cocoon_20
> The system is using CachingxxxPipelines *relief* as configured in the
> cocoon.xconf file and Caching is working and the Store system swaps
> laboriously CachedxxxObjects out to the fs, etc.
> I don't understand why the system is using the NonCachingxxxPipelines
> in 1) (seems like Vodoo to me ;) and if there is some higher meaning, why?
> The problem is, that this caused some confusion here last days.
> (and this days not only upon me ;-).
> A second more personal request are those various branches in the
> CVS repository. I lost a little bit the track to the cocoon release
> plans. I did a "cvs status -v someclass" and got this list:

These aren't branches. They are Tags.

> cocoon_20                	(revision:
> -> actual distribution

This is the point where the cocoon_20_branch was tagged cocoon_20 when
Carsten has released it.

> cocoon_20_rc2            	(revision:
> -> expired or still used?

Even here cocoon_20_rc2 is a tag not a branch

> cocoon_20_rc1            	(revision:
> -> expired or still used?

Same here.

> cocoon_20_b2             	(revision:
> -> actual development?

Same here.

> cocoon_20_branch_mergepoint	(revision: 1.2)
> -> expired or still used?

Here I've synced the HEAD and the 20 branch and set a tag to indicate
up to which revision mergin has occurred.

> cocoon_20_branch         	(branch: 1.2.2)
> ->expired or still used?

This is where we actually made the 20 branch from the original HEAD

> cocoon_20_b1             	(revision: 1.2)
> ->expired or still used?

This is the tag when we created this CVS repository (out of the one used
for cocoon 1.x)

Hope this helps.


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