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From giacomo <>
Subject Re: [Vote] Improving Cocoon Site
Date Wed, 05 Dec 2001 22:19:18 GMT
On Wed, 5 Dec 2001, Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:

> We have released Cocoon and this is a great thing.
> Now we have to improve the web site a little bit.
> 1) location of Cocoon 1.x documentation:
> I propose to move
> into

+1 for me.

> which I believe it's better because the URI is version-free and
> future-compatible: this means this location identified "the previous
> generation of Cocoon, now considered obsolete, but still used by many".
> 2) graphic look:
> I propose to update the site skin using the new look
> proposed over at Ted, what's the status of this?
> where can we find the stylesheets you came up with?
> This mainly because the site is simply too heavy: it's ok to show off
> the power of generating raster images out of SVG files, but this is
> clearly too much.


> 3) Clean up documentation: there is a lot to do, but here are things
> that bug me:

We once had a thread on how a TOC should look like.

> a) there is no visual difference between sections (i.e. User) and pages
> (Who We Are).
> b) there is very little meaning associated with the sections (how in
> hell are readers supposed to know what CTWIG is?)

Yes, I always forgot to bring that up since weeks.

> c) we should have a "community" section.

What do you think should be in there?

> 4) enhance site functionality:
>  a) searching: we must come up with a way to search content, even
> forwarding to Google is better than nothing.

Google offers search functionality restricted to a domain. If one can
manage to have browsers point to the following URL you'll get the search
results for keywords QUERY withing only:

On the Google site one finds html snippets like below to include
in a pages:

<!-- Search Google -->
    <form method="GET" action="">
      <table bgcolor="#FFFFFF">
            <a href="">
              <img src=""
                  border="0" alt="Google" align="absmiddle">
	    <input type=text name=q size=31 maxlength=255 value="">
            <input type=submit name=btnG value="Google Search">
<!-- Search Google -->

The trick is that you should add '' to the input
field q to restrict the search on the domain Maybe some
html and javascript guru knows how to do that

>  b) community information:
>     - graphs of people subscribed on the mail lists
>     - graphs of messages on the mail lists
>     - graphs of downloads

would be cool.

> I see much more valuable to use the SVG rasterizer for such graphs
> rather than "waste" it to generate the sitebar text. In order to do
> this, though, we need to gather this information.
> My idea is to have a perl script (or equivalent) run every week that
> comes up with this information and places it on a specific location
> (this should be done for every xml.apache project).
> Unfortunately, the mail list subscription information is reserved by
> root, so we need a high level of access in order to do this (Sam, do you
> have that kind of access level?). The compressed MBOX files can be found
> over at:
>  /www/|dev)
> while the web site logs are in
>  /x2/logarchive/www/2001
> The ideal solution would be to have this processed information already
> XML-ized, but it's probably easier to "append" a line than to add an
> element to an XML file. We could use CSV and do the XML-ization at
> Generation level.
> Something like this would be great:
>  cocoon.list.cocoon-dev:
>  cocoon.list.cocoon-users:
>    year,week,subscribers,messages
>    2001,01,348,983
>    2001,02,358,839
>    2001,03,334,1093
>    2001,03,343,1293
>    ...
> which could XML-ized as
>  <list>
>   <item year="2001" week="01" subscribers="348" messages="983"/>
>   <item year="2001" week="02" subscribers="358" messages="839"/>
>   ...
>  </list>
> or
>  <list>
>   <item>
>    <year>2001</year>
>    <week>01</week>
>    <subscribers>348</subscribers>
>    <messages>983</messages>
>   </item>
>   ...
>  </list>
> which is more verbose, but could be easier to create using SAX events
> and easier to process with XSLT stylesheets (why attributes are so
> neglected in the XML world? bah, I love them so much)
> Then we could easily transform this into SVG with an XSLT stylesheet and
> have the raster graph generated automatically without human
> intervention. Again, note that XML-ization of the CSV file can be done
> by a CSVGenerator which is piece of cake to write (I volunteer to do it
> if this is accepted)


> Also,
>  cocoon.downloads
>  year,week,downloads
>  2001,01,294
>  2001,02,384
> I'm not very good at UNIX administration, so I'd be more than happy if
> somebody else provides the scripts and installs them on :)
> Ok, enough for now.
> Please, place your votes or indicate your
> comments/suggestions/criticism.

All this information would give alot more attention on the Cocoon
project to everybody (not only newer people).


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