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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: Over-Logging
Date Fri, 28 Dec 2001 11:44:06 GMT

> Now that I am back working with Cocoon, I have recently come to the conclusion that DEBUG
> simply outputs too much information.  For one (1) request, Cocoon outputs 23 pages of
> log messages equivalent to 57k on the drive.
> My friends, this is too much.  Logging should have a purpose, and not simply spout information
> for information's sake.  I am trying to track down what is going on in the XSP engine,
> and I have to sift through 57k of messages.

I like to second that

> Principal of Diminishing Returns
> --------------------------------
> It is important to understand the principal of diminishing returns.  Basically, it boils
> down to the concept that 90% correctness only takes 10% of the effort.  It is that last
> 10% of correctness that takes up the remaining 90% of the effort.  Our logging has reached
> critical mass.  By logging anything and everything, we have an unusable mess.
> I am not sure what needs to be done.  Some categories need to be logged, while others
> do not.  It all depends on what you are tracking down.  We need to have more folks
> understand the LogKit configuration file, so that we can have a much finer grained
> control.  Since it is a major point of Cocoon's configuration Cocoon needs to document
> it in the xdocs.  The inline comments are not very clean, perhaps we need separators
> that demarcate the beginning and ends of the comments.

So you like to get rid of this mess by configuring logkit?

Actually I'm wondering if we have enough categories
to really get back to a fine grained control this way.

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