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From "Per Kreipke" <>
Subject RE: sharing microsoft experience
Date Mon, 10 Dec 2001 17:13:05 GMT
> Q: Is this discussion about writing just another HTML editor, or about
> building an abstracted content editor where structure, layout and
> style can
> be assembled from the contributions of multiple authors (using XML, XSLT,
> etc., of course). The real trick is to build a really neat (and
> usable) XSLT
> editor for writing the stylesheets that enable abstract data (XML) to be
> generated into human readable form.

I agree, somewhat: shouldn't the discussion be about an 'abstracted content
editor' _API_. That is, shouldn't this thread cross back to an older thread
about a CMS API?

Design and build the API, make it available using XML-RPC or SOAP, and leave
the editor to the user's choice. In fact, let people build their own dream
version. I might like to integrate my CMS with Jabber, or a Swing client, or
a desktop app, or a browser based version.

I would argue that part of the Java story (esp. J2EE) is to define the
plumbing and then let them implement it. There's no need for this group to
build everything end to end; define a rock solid, simple API and you'll see
editors appearing quickly after.

Specifics: the newest tech in IE that I like is the ability to call web
services (through 'behaviors'). If you take Stefano's granularity to the
extreme, every editable XML atom on the 'page' should have associated
get/set/edit implementations accessible through web services.

Fire away, Per

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