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From "Gerhard Froehlich" <>
Subject re-send Excalibur ActiveMonitor
Date Wed, 05 Dec 2001 14:48:08 GMT
uninteresting, misspelled, needless or
just overseen?

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>-----Original Message-----
>From: Gerhard Froehlich []
>Sent: Sunday, December 02, 2001 2:06 PM
>To: cocoon-Dev
>Subject: Excalibur ActiveMonitor
>I think we need to implement the ActiveMonitor 
>in the Cocoon Project, to increase the performance
>of Cocoon.
>(I place the mail here in the Cocoon list, 
>because it's a Cocoon related topic. But if it's the
>wrong place, I have no problem to move this thread
>into Avalon dev list.)
>Berin suggested in the mail:
>that instead of calling ${file}.lastModified() we asking the 
>Excalibur ActiveMonitor if the resource has changed or not. 
>"Each resource in the collection of resources is tested on a 
>frequency you specify (i.e. 1/minute, 1/half-hour, etc).
>That way during extreme load conditions the number of times we
>call the "lastModified" method doesn't change. Instead of 1/request 
>(with 200 simultaneous users requesting 4 pages a second
>that comes to 800 calls a second) it is once per period of time."
>I can't implement this ActiveMonitor from scratch, because
>I have less knowledge of Cocoon internals (was alway in the 
>backend ;). So:
>Where is the right place to implement this ActiveMonitor and 
>how would you proceed?
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