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From MJ Ray <>
Subject Re: [RT] Managing Flow and Resources
Date Sun, 16 Dec 2001 01:29:27 GMT
giacomo wrote:
>said that, using your words, that the "web tech population nowadays"
>understand HTML so there isn't a big step to understand XML and have a
>syntax that is "procedural" to express logic for flowmaps and I meant
>that Scheme isn't popular in the "web tech population nowadays" sdo I'm
>-1 using Scheme syntax. Point.

So Cocoon can only use things that are already "popular in the 'web tech
population nowadays'"?  This concept sickens me.  Would Cocoon have ever
come this far if it always followed the orthodoxy?

I'm not saying that introducing the scheme syntax is the right solution, but
this "conservatism for marketing reasons" is very worrying, using words like
"exotic" as criticisms of relatively ancient established technologies. 
Please let the experiments continue and don't be afraid to develop or
introduce something new if it is what is required.

Let's be creative!
MJR ,----------------------------------------------------
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