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From Peter Royal <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] adding Jisp based Store persistence to the Scratchpad
Date Wed, 12 Dec 2001 16:00:59 GMT
On Wednesday 12 December 2001 09:13 am, you wrote:
> >What would be the benefits of using B-Tree indexed file vs filesystem
> >directory?
> - When you have many files in one directory that can be problematic
> for maintainence.
> - Some Caching system like Squid split that up into the different
> subdirectories, others hold the data in one file.
> - With this Implementation we would be able to turn -if wished-
> the MRUMemoryStore (or something equal) off and use only the Filesystem
> for Storing. Maybe for machines with limited memory,.... For this approach
> you need some speedy access for the data on the FS.
> - Multiple indexes per data file, so you can access data with
> a variety of criteria.
> - Indexed data does not need to be homogenous; data files can contain
> mixed serialized types, all using the same indexes.
> - 100% portable between platforms.
> - ...

- No problems with filenames that exceed target platform limitations :)

A deep cacheable pipeline can generate a very long FS store key.

peter royal ->

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