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From Carlos Araya <>
Subject [Best Practices] 2nd Request
Date Thu, 20 Dec 2001 17:48:08 GMT
[I apologize for the crossposting but I think this is important to both

A while back I made a request for best practices and briefly explained what
best practices were and why I thought they were important. I can understand
that right before Xmas is not the best time to ask for stuff like that and I
may not have been clear enough with the request, so I'm sending it again
with a better (I hope) explanation and hoping that the Xmas break gives me a
better response :-)

Why best practices?

We all tweak our cocoon installations for best performance and there's
always someone asking how do you do the thing you just completed. An example
would be, "I'm having problems with the sitemap on a Linux system because of
the X server." The answer to that question is now part of the installation
instructions and like it there are a lot of things that people have already
done and that can help other members of the community.

I have volunteered to write all this tips and tricks into a document that
can be included into the Cocoon documentation if there is enough interest.

Why are best practices important?

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