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From (Carlos)
Subject [RT] Cocoon from a newbie perspectivce
Date Tue, 11 Dec 2001 19:07:12 GMT
Here are some random thoughts from someone who's just started working with
Cocoon2 after having done some work with Cocoon1. I hope they are taken in
the constructive spirit in which they are offered


Configuration: I know this is in the todo list but it is very important that
the options are clearly explained. It's taken me over a month to develop a
subsitemap that works on my files. Perhaps it'd be a good idea to expand the
Idiot's guide to include some more examples?

Documentation on the welcome page: I've asked this before. Is it possible to
move the documentation to the top of the page? After the first time I
accessed the page I am more interested on the documentation than the
examples and it's a drag to have to scroll down to find them.

Examples: If at all possible, make sure that all examples are linked to
source code. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't

Skeleton applications: I think that it would be very beneficial for people
who are just starting to use Cocoon to have an application where all there
is built-in are configuration files commented as appropriate. This can be
thought of as a best practice document as well, for it would allow people to
see the recommended way of doing it. I know Cello is out there as a model
application but it was very hard for me to understand how to adopt it for my
own use.

Best practices: What has worked well and what has not worked with Cocoon? I
think this is a part of community building that is often overlooked and
important enough to merit some effort. If there's enough interested I'm
willing to collect tips, tricks and experiences from people and put them
together as one file or a collection of files we can link to from the

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