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From Stuart Roebuck <>
Subject Re: [Tomcat 4] HTTP 1.0 connector Cookie bug, was [C2] [Bug?] Cookies missing from environment
Date Fri, 07 Dec 2001 14:42:13 GMT

On Friday, December 7, 2001, at 02:03 pm, Jörg Prante wrote:

> Stuart,
> this is a Tomcat HTTP 1.0 connector bug, if you ask me. The Tomcat HTTP 1.
> 1
> connector uses
>    if (!request.isRequestedSessionIdFromCookie()) { ... }
> to control the session ID cookie setting correctly. In HTTP 1.0 code, this
> conditional is missing in the Tomcat code and cookies are dropped from the
> request after a session cookie has been found.

yes thanks, that's why I renamed the email: "[Tomcat 4] HTTP 1.0 connector 
Cookie bug"!

> Stuart, why do you prefer HTTP 1.0? There are major drawbacks comparing to
> 1.1 according to secure connections.

I originally tried the HTTP 1.0 connector because there was (and maybe 
still is) a page on either the Cocoon or Tomcat site indicating that 
Cocoon would run faster with this connector.

When I tried it the difference was like night and day.  Unfortunately I 
didn't have time to  investigate why, but I took the existence of a 
message on the site as an indication that it was a known issue probably 
without an easy workaround.

> Do you use any HTTP proxies or complex DNS settings This slows down HTTP 
> 1.1
> connections.

I don't think so, but could you elaborate a little on why this makes a 
difference - or point me to some documentation that mentions this?  Does 
HTTP 1.1 carry out DNS lookups that don't happen with HTTP 1.0?  What 
would represent a complex DNS setting?

My apologies if I'm asking something obvious, HTTP specs are not my strong 


> Cheers, Jörg
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