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From Michael Homeijer <>
Subject RE: XSL Based Soap Endpoint in Cocoon Examples - Scanned for vir us
Date Mon, 17 Dec 2001 09:25:39 GMT
Hi Steve,
I don't think this would be the way Cocoon would handle SOAP endpoints.
IMHO soap is just another channel in cocoon. I think this could be
implemented by translating a WSDL file into sitemap syntax (eg. a matcher
for the endpoint and some sort of matcher for the requests).
I am not sure by which components the soap envelope will be represented or
wether a translator and serializer are needed to create the return envelope.
Maybe someone on the cocoon mailing list is interested in continuing this
Michael Homeijer

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From: Steve Punte []
Sent: zondag 16 december 2001 5:35
To: Michael Homeijer
Subject: XSL Based Soap Endpoint in Cocoon Examples - Scanned for virus

Dear  Michael:  
    I came across your Soap examples in Cocoon.  
    However, they are about six months old, so I
    assume you are no longer working on this.
    I am looking for an environment that would
    allow the creation of pure XSL written 
    SOAP endpoints.  For example, something

<xsl:template match="SOAP-ENV:Envelope"> 

<xsl:template match="SOAP-ENV:Body"> 

<xsl:template match="soap-request_A"> 
     Logic to create response according to 
     incomming request elements and values. 

    Does you contribution to Cocoon begin down
    this path?  Or is it something different?
    Thanks in advance:

              Steven P. Punte
Steven P. Punte
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