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From Andrew Answer <>
Subject Cocoon and browsers
Date Fri, 07 Dec 2001 13:45:42 GMT
Hello cocoon-dev,

  here i try to publish some thoughts about our web future.
  1. Cocoon are very, very cool publishing engine. It's more, it's a
  good core of professional programmers which a write tons of good
  code. Cocoon really is a server engine and is a best solution for
  site creators.

  But all XML features, two-way editable content engine, zooming pages
  with graphics & titles, pages commenting not work without good
  browser - window to freedom. Cocoon not must assume all work.
  Which browser are the very advanced for this work? Mozilla is a
  serious candidate to this position. But may be idea crisis present
  in those community? No radically concepts realized at last release...

  2. I'm download & install the Amaya browser/editor from W3C.
  I think, it's fantastic way to freedom in the Web! It's really do
  web content editable (as i see in "sharing microsoft experience"
  thread in this list, this feature extremely needed for clients).
  Many other features work: zooming pages with graphics & titles,
  MathML, SVG & CSS visual support, truly right (but not full)
  implementations of standards (XPointer, XLink, RDF). This is
  open-source, Java-based tool, which are can be a window to
  freedom in the future!

  But many problems also present. Images blinked when i scroll and
  resize browser windows. No other features (XML, XSLT, Schema validating,
  SGML, XForms, XML Query, SMIL) still not supported. I think, what
  W3 Consortium simply haven't time for realize/programming own
  standards. It's bad, but work of W3C is creating standards/specs and
  on this way they achieved a significant success.
  X-Smiles ( realize SMIL, XForms, SVG, skins,
  and this is also open-source project.

  But it's version 0.45 and is too buggy.
  3. My point of view is:
    * any file which you downloading may be edited very, very fast.
    Browser is a editor - this is cool thing! Later you can send file
    back to server, save or print - it's your freedom. MathML, SVG &
    RDF support also already realized in Amaya. Can Mozilla community
    adapt these features in own browser?
    * for really moving web to using XML streams, SOAP & WebDAV we
    MUST collaborate with Mozilla creators
    * open source projects is a world of code & ideas exchanging,
    isn't it? Why browser creator communities closed on your products
    and write identical code again and again?

    ..and if any who use browser can be produce own content in
    real-time & publish it on the own server - it's will be true Web!

    Can anybody post this message to Mozilla dev-community? I'm very
    interested in it.
"This is a world where anything is possible."
Best regards,
  Andrew Answer        

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