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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Re: [vote] Finer-grained logging categories (was: Re: Over-Logging)
Date Sun, 30 Dec 2001 21:16:17 GMT
giacomo wrote:

> On Sun, 30 Dec 2001, Sylvain Wallez wrote:
>>giacomo wrote:
>>>>>>The only drawback is that LogKit complains about categories not
>>>>>>explicitly declared in logkit.xconf. Maybe LogKit shouldn't be so
>>>>>>about that and just act as a configuration front-end to Hierarchy
>>>>>>remove the m_loggers HashMap).
>>>>>This can be fixed (I wrote it) but IIRC it's a debugging (or should
>>>>>be) message and thus might be helpfull in that aspect.
>>>>I would be thankful if you fix it, because it produces a _warning_
>>>>message each time a component asks for a logger that's not in the
>>>>configuration-defined categories.
>>>Ok, I've reduced from WARN to DEBUG and will commit it soon into C2.
>>Thanks, Giacomo, but I was saying that IMHO, LogKitManager shouldn't
>>even care about that. It's role is to configure a Hierarchy (most often
>>its top-level categories) and give access to this hierarchy to get
>>loggers, but the definition of categories is the responsibility of
>>xconf/sitemap writers.
> Sure, that's what that debugging messages is helping in finding (maybe
> unintentionally) misspelled logging categories attached to components
> with the logger attribute which are not define in the logkit.xconf.
>>With the hierarchized categories we will now have (many +1 for this
>>vote), LogKitManager will issue a great number of debug messages which
>>don't give any usefull information.
> Give me some example of "not usefull messages" which you think should be
> removed. There a only 5 or 6 places where logging messages are issued so
> IMO there aren't "a great number of debug messages"
> Giacomo
>>What do you think ?

OK, I wasn't clear. I wasn't talking about the number of logging 
statements, but the number of produced log messages.

Let's explain it another way :)

In the proposed new logging categories, all sitemap-related logs go into 
the "sitemap" category or one of its children.

We then have the following categories :
- "sitemap"
- "sitemap.generator.resource"
- "sitemap.generator.serverpages"
- "sitemap.transformer.xslt"
- "sitemap.transformer.i18n"
- ...

No consider the following in the current Cocoon's logkit.xconf :

   <category name="sitemap" log-level="DEBUG">
     <log-target id-ref="sitemap"/>
     <log-target id-ref="error"/>

Each time a SitemapComponentSelector creates a component, LogKitManager 
will output a log saying "Logger for category not defined in 
configuration. New logger created and returned", because only the main 
"sitemap" category is known to it (not its children).

I've seen several people here confused by this message. They thought 
something was wrong when that was just because LogKitManager only has 
knowledge of parent categories (or even just the root category) but 
doesn't know any of the deeper levels in the category tree.

That's why I was suggesting you could remove m_loggers : it tracks 
categories known to the LogKitManager just to be able to issue these 
(confusing) messages, and honestly they don't really help to find 
spelling mistakes in child caterogy names.

Hope it is more clear now ;)


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