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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Re: [vote] Finer-grained logging categories (was: Re: Over-Logging)
Date Sun, 30 Dec 2001 11:07:15 GMT
giacomo wrote:


>>>>The only drawback is that LogKit complains about categories not
>>>>explicitly declared in logkit.xconf. Maybe LogKit shouldn't be so picky
>>>>about that and just act as a configuration front-end to Hierarchy (i.e.
>>>>remove the m_loggers HashMap).
>>>This can be fixed (I wrote it) but IIRC it's a debugging (or should
>>>be) message and thus might be helpfull in that aspect.
>>I would be thankful if you fix it, because it produces a _warning_
>>message each time a component asks for a logger that's not in the
>>configuration-defined categories.
> Ok, I've reduced from WARN to DEBUG and will commit it soon into C2.
> Giacomo

Thanks, Giacomo, but I was saying that IMHO, LogKitManager shouldn't 
even care about that. It's role is to configure a Hierarchy (most often 
its top-level categories) and give access to this hierarchy to get 
loggers, but the definition of categories is the responsibility of 
xconf/sitemap writers.

With the hierarchized categories we will now have (many +1 for this 
vote), LogKitManager will issue a great number of debug messages which 
don't give any usefull information.

What do you think ?


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