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From "Bernhard Huber" <>
Subject Re: build docs fails on Windows -[Was] VOTE: Restructuring FAQ file
Date Fri, 28 Dec 2001 00:01:26 GMT
I checked a bit about the resolver:

1) If you turn catalog-logging to 3
    <parameter name="verbosity" value="3"/>
 in cocoon.xconf, you can see what URL the catalog manager is trying to 
2) As ResolverImpl is now from the value of parameter name="catalog" an 
absolute URL
is built, but the catalog manger takes this, thinks is a relative URL, 
hence trying
to an URL like: file:/foo/bar/file:/x/y/z..
3) I tried a bit changing the avoiding
to build an absoluteURL:
        // Load the built-in catalog.
        String catalogFile = params.getParameter("catalog",
        try {
            //String catalogURL = 
String catalogURL = catalogFile;
Then building the docs works only, specifying the absolute path of the 
catalog like
I failed specifying file:/foo/bar/entities, in this case catalog 
resolver tries to load via ftp(!?),
but perhaps it is necessary to read the API docs
of the more closely.

bye bernhard

David Crossley wrote:

>Bernhard Huber wrote:
>>Another issue:
>>I'm not able to build the box out-of the box, as the 
>>documentation/book.xml has
>>  <menu label="Tests">
>>    <menu-item label="Catalog Test" href="catalog-test.html"/>
>>  </menu>
>The purpose of this doc is to test the Entity Resolver.
>>Processing catalog-test.html give me an error:
>>     [java] org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: File 
>>not found.
>You have encountered Bug #5060 - see Bugzilla.
>The entity resolver is failing for you. It is OK on Unix, but
>not on Windows for build docs. There have been quite a lot
>of threads on this issue - the most recent is:
> [BUG] DTD validation shows bugs
>If anyone can help with this, then please do.
>>Where are the entity files expected to reside in the 
>>cocoon/build/documentation hierachrachy?
>>Or do you know how to resolve the problem, without
>>uncomenting the <menu label="Tests">?
>The entity resolver would get them for you from
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