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From "Bernhard Huber" <>
Subject VOTE: Restructuring FAQ file
Date Mon, 24 Dec 2001 23:31:50 GMT

As I examined that faq.xml is not a faq10 DTD valid document, I thought 
about restructuring the FAQ
Looking like this :

I'd like to restructure the documentation/xdocs/faq.xml FAQ file.

I'd like to change the faqv10.dtd to faqv11.dtd adding faq-section 
element like it was in
Doing this I hope to structure the Table of Content displaying all 
question as single unordered list.
Having faq-section will help the reader to find question he or she is 
interested in more easily.

Thus DTD becomes:
<!ELEMENT faqs (authors?, (faqsection | faq)+)>
<!ATTLIST faqs %common.att;

<!ELEMENT faq-section (faq)+>
<!ATTLIST faq-section %common.att;

<!ELEMENT faq (question, answer)>

<!ELEMENT question (%content.mix;)*>
<!ATTLIST question %common.att;>

<!ELEMENT answer (%blocks;)*>
<!ATTLIST answer author IDREF #IMPLIED>

Moreover I'd like to classify the current FAQ having following
faq-section titles:

  About compiling cocoon sources

  About configuring sitemap,

  About installing cocoon for a servlet engine

Startup Troubles
  Questiong Cocoon does not work

Database Troubles   
  About Cocoon and databases

Sitemap Troubles
  About Sitemap setups

  Anything that does not fit in the above category titles

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